Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Day at Home

I have been pretty busy for the past couple of weeks, doing things I enjoy very much. But by last night, I was ready to collapse in my comfortable chair in my cottage and enjoy one of the many Christmas movies in my collection - Miracle on 34Th Street, 1994 edition. While watching the movie, I knit more on the little scarf I am making for Rosy for Christmas.

I slept 9 hours last night! That is somewhat of a record for me, but it felt so good to not have to wake to an alarm. Looking out the window, I noticed it was snowing - our first of the season. So far we have gotten about 5 inches. It looks like it may be done for now.

Except for going out to buy a newspaper, I have stayed home all day and have enjoyed it immensely. I've done my domestic chores, baked some cookies, talked to my 3 kids and darling Josiah, and also a few of my friends. I told Josiah it was snowing in my backyard and I wished he could come here so we could play in it. He said, "I'll go on a plane to Minnesota. I'll be there in a second." Then he gave the phone back to Hans. I heard Hans ask him why he was putting his shoes on. Isn't that darling?! Oh, I wish it was that simple. I miss him and Annika very much. And poor Annika isn't feeling well. She has been throwing up since yesterday. Oh, I hope she feels better very soon so she can make the flight to Germany easier on Monday.

Tonight I have the lights on my Christmas tree turned on. My snowman is lit, and I have put one of my Swedish candoliers in my cottage window. It's looking more "Christmasy" here now. I'm also watching Little Women, another one of my favorite movies to watch at this time of year.

Each December I have several movies that bring me enjoyment. Here are some of them:
  • Simon Birch
  • A Christmas Carol (Starring George C Scott)
  • An Affair to Remember
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Steel Magnolias
  • Serendipity
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • Desk Set
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
I may not get to watch all of them, or have time to listen to all of my Christmas Cd's, or play many of my Christmas pieces on my piano, but I will enjoy those for which I have time.

It's been such a nice day. . .

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Lil said...

I just caught up with all of your activities...I am not busy at all
compared to you. Now I am just biding my time until the game tonight...Vikings and Bears.
Glad the kids made it to Germany