Sunday, December 23, 2007

Josiah and Annika

This afternoon I talked to Hans and Rachel on the phone. They had had a fun day in the Black Forest of Germany. Hans said he drove the car up to 135 mph on the autobahn. I'm so glad I wasn't in the car! Rachel said they were just moving with the flow of cars.

At one point, Rachel asked Annika if she wanted to say hi to me. Here's what Annika said, "Hello. How are you?" This is the most she has said to me over the phone. Then Rachel asked her to say thank you, in German, to which she replied, "danke." Rachel said she learned it today at a restaurant.

Then Rachel asked Josiah if he wanted to wish Grandma a Merry Christmas. He came to the phone and said, "Grandma, Santa came. Ho, ho, ho! Santa is here! Merry Christmas to you." It was adorable. Rachel told me Santa drove through the base yesterday riding on a fire truck. Josiah is old enough this year for it to make an impact. How fun! I'm so excited for them. But at the same time, I miss them.

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