Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with My Kids

Heidi, Chad and Brian drove from Seattle to spend Christmas with family and friends. Yesterday they, as well as Peder, Sarah, and Aurelia, came to my home celebrate. I've been so busy this month, taking one day at a time, that it wasn't until yesterday morning that I got my Christmas cookies baked! Around 6 pm Peder and his family arrived; Heidi, Chad and Brian arrived around 7 as they had driven up from Austin and were forced to drive the last 20+ miles going 20 - 40 miles due to traffic and low visibility from the falling snow.

Yes, we got more snow yesterday -- about 6 new inches. It had started around 2 pm and looked absolutely beautiful. So far this month, we have had over 17 inches of snow, and it was reported to be the "whitest" Christmas in over 50 years. More snow is predicted for Friday.

Back to Christmas, I got to see and hold Aurelia again. I hadn't seen her in over a month. She is changing so much - smiling now, and looking all around, and sitting up a little by herself. She even tried to vocalize when I was talking to her. She liked the lights of the Christmas tree and the fireplace. She is really darling.

Brian, my grand dog, was happy to see me again. He checked out the house, had a big drink of water, growled a little at Peppi, my canary, and sat on the floor by our table as we had our dinner. When he seemed to be a little too warm, Heidi let him out to my back yard. The snow was deep - up to his chest - and he loved it and didn't want to come inside. I'm sure it helped him to cool off.

Heidi spent the night with me and today we we out for lunch at a favorite restaurant and then shopped a bit. This evening we met my Aunt Liz, cousin Pat, my sister, Janet, and Chad and his parents at a restaurant near Stillwater. That was very enjoyable. And then we had to say farewell to Heidi, Chad and Brian. It was so nice to see them again.

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