Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scary, Scary!

After listening to the news last night and hearing of more rain and possible hail, I walked out to my patio to pull my planters in under the roof to protect them. One by one I pulled them back about a foot. I got to the second to the last one and there on the carpet was this big creature! I didn’t know if he was a toad or a frog, but he was large. I said, "Shoo! Shoo!" He sat there. So I clapped my hands. He still sat there. I had this fear of him jumping on me if I got too close.
I finally managed to get enough confidence to pull the planter sideways and pulled it in a bit. He gave me the shivers.

I told my girlfriend about it this morning. Leave it to her to search his breed. This is what she said:

You might have had an American toad on your patio. They’re about
the size of a person’s fist. They grow up in water but spend most
of their adult life on land, living in fields, gardens, and woods.
They’re most active at night and on rainy days. When it gets hot
and dry, they dig into the ground.

I Googled American Toad and sure enough, that’s him alright!


Sarita said...

We used to go toad catching in my neighbor's window wells. we loved to find the tiny little baby ones, but the big ones have a cool texture on their tummies.

MamaD4 said...

I loved toads too...there were always tons of them at Girl Scout Camp.

Donna, you should have kissed never know!!

Pat said...

Toads are very much wanted in yards. Haven't you seen the toad houses they sell? Toads keep gardens and lawns bug and mosquito free because they eat them. Not only that they can be kind of cute. I think you should have kissed him like Rachel said.

C. Randy said...

Yeah, I think that poor "little" toad was waaaay more alarmed at you trying to schooosh it away...

They're definitely beneficial in lawns and gardens, one of the "good guys" to keep around...

Which leads me say I agree with Rachel & Pat - all it'd take is one little kiss and you wouldn't have to work another day in your life! (or, so the story goes). Yeah, I'd reconsider the next time he stops by... Ok, you don't have to kiss him, just don't schooosh him away, ok?