Monday, August 03, 2009

39 Candles on My Cake

Flowers from Hans, Rachel and the kids (just arrived!)

My birthday started out with a phone call from Germany: on the other end were my darling grand children, Josiah and Annika, singing Happy Birthday, Dear Grandma Donna! I wish I could have recorded it. They are so sweet!

Arriving at my office, I found beautiful decorations and ornaments, plus a card and chocolates! I've also received a carton of Boyland Bottleworks Grape pop - in glass bottles - from my friend, Jo. And a darling fall leaf dish with a bird sitting on it from another dear friend, Nancy.

Not long ago, I got another call from Germany. This time it was Hans wishing me a Happy 39th birthday. I LOVE my kids!
Birthdays are a special time of celebrating and remembering. I am truly blessed.


Pat said...

Looks festive and fun. The phone calls from grand kids and kids must have been the best present of all.

DD4 said...

You have no idea. I never realized I would be so rich when reaching this age. My kids giving me grand kids is priceless.