Monday, August 10, 2009

The Party's Over

Laurey and Bonnie
Nancy and Gayle

One more little birthday party was given to me yesterday by my dear friends, Nancy, Gayle, Bonnie and Laurey. We went to the brunch at the Crossroads Deli, one of my favorite restaurants. They have delicious foods - including a bakery where all the goodies say, "Taste me, Buy me, Yum yum!" I held the reins a bit by only buying one loaf of cinnamon/golden raisin bread, a pan of apple crisp, and two macaroon cookies. It's a very good thing this deli isn't in my neighborhood. If it were, I'm not sure I would still fit in my car!

Nancy brought a little garland for me to wear and a darling birthday bear, which sings the chorus of Happy Birthday two times. It has a nice, rather quiet voice, but the little kids at a table near us could hear it and it brought smiles to their faces.

The brunch features beautifully displayed dishes: eggs - scrambled, scrambled with tomatoes and spinach, Eggs Benedict, cheesy hash browns, cinnamon raisin French toast, Belgium waffles, fresh fruits, creamed chicken over home-made baking powder biscuits, fresh fruits, petite Danish, cakes, bread pudding, beef tips over noodles, tomato basil soup, etc., etc., etc. At the conclusion of our feasting, the waitress brought out for me a piece of their famous, 3-layer lemon cake with coconut icing! I was so full, I couldn't have possibly eaten it. So she put it in a container for me to take home. I enjoyed it to the last crumb later in the afternoon.

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MamaD4 said...

You are blessed to have such kind and thoughtful friends Donna!

You always have your bike if you get too big for Buggy... :)