Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aurelia's 2nd Birthday


My very sweet granddaughter, Aurelia, turned 2 today. I got to go to her party and had fun playing croquet with her and watching birds in the neighbor's back yard. After having some refreshments, we went indoors for opening presents. She definitely enjoyed opening and playing with her birthday gifts - getting excited with each one. She has the sweetest expressions!

For her last two gifts, she happened to be sitting next to me on the sofa. When we got to the last one, she asked me to help her open it. I started tearing the paper just a bit, and she finished ripping it off. I proceeded to open the top of the box and saw some cloth with the word "SISTER" sewn on it. I thought to myself, what could this be? Then a light bulb went off in my head. I pulled the article from the box and asked Peder and Sarah if they were expecting a baby? To our surprise, they told us they were. They had kept this news a secret for a week! They are so good at surprises!

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Your pictures are just adorable.