Sunday, August 02, 2009

My Weekend with Aurelia

One of my angels.
Playing Peek-a-Boo with my friend, Nancy.


It's been a little busy for me to journal, but my little angel is taking a nap right now, so I thought I would record some of our activities.

Aurelia came over Friday afternoon with her little bags. I distracted her from Sarah and Peder's departure by giving her the elephant shaped watering can I bought for her in Seattle and asking her to water my patio plants. She thought this was so much fun, and my plants really needed a drink.

We had fun the rest of day, including while eating our dinner. Thanks to my visit to Hans and Rachel's in Germany in May, it wasn't hard for me to figure out menus. I made "pigs in a blanket" and Aurelia loved them. I used Hormel turkey hot dogs inside the crescent rolls, and I must say, they were good. And easy! It was too late in the day for me to call Rachel to ask how long they should be baked, so I just followed the directions on the crescent roll package - - perfect. Aurelia really likes fruit, and yogurt. So we had that, and sweet potato fries. And I discovered she loves dried apricots. I keep a jar on the counter. She called them crackers, and each night while cooking dinner, she would sit on my stool and eat three apricots. She is so cute and has the cutest expressions.

Saturday morning we went shopping. First we stopped at a garage sale, but came out empty handed. The next stop: Target. She was so good there. Her reward was a toy Ernie from Sesame Street. She likes him a lot. After walking through much of Target and buying a few things, we were hungry. Where to go? McDonald's. She sat in a high chair and feasted on chicken McNuggets, French fries, and chocolate milk. We each had a Happy Meal, so Aurelia got two stuffed toys: a panda bear and a pony. [These are in her diaper bag, unopened, because she didn't need them and was perfectly happy.]

My mission was to find her a sweater to wear with her darling sun dress for Sunday morning. The garage sale had none, as did Target, so next we went to Herberger's. They had sweaters, but none of them would have worked with the sun dress, so we found a cute long sleeve shirt to wear under her denim jumper. [Sarah sent plenty of clothes, but my plans were to take her to church Sunday morning and with our chilly temperatures and the A/C normally turned on in our church building, I thought she should be more protected.]

Since Aurelia was being so good, I decided we would shop at one more store: Breadsmith. They have delicious banana bread with walnuts! I treated myself to one loaf, and an oatmeal raisin cookie for each of us. This store is in a beautiful location in Edina - near 50th and France. The store has window boxes with beautiful flowers spilling out. There are little tables and chairs and benches too. So Aurelia and I had a little cookie party out on the bench, next to the fragrant fuchsia petunias. Passersby all smiled at us, and one lady commented, "Isn't this a precious moment!"

This morning, after our shower together, we dressed and left for church. We arrived a little early, in time to hear my choir rehearsing the anthem of the day, which is one of my favorites, Majesty and Glory. There was a full orchestra on stage. We stood in the aisle, Aurelia was taking it all in. At the conclusion of the anthem, we took our place in a pew about four rows from the front. I knew this could be a risky spot in which to sit, but I also knew that there would be more for her to watch if her view was unobstructed. Let me tell you, she was an absolute angel the entire service! I kid you not. You wouldn't believe how many people came up to us following the service to say they couldn't believe how well behaved she was. My choir friends, who joined us in the cafe following the service, said they watched her and thought she was just perfect.

It's hard to find words to explain what a blessing it was for me to have Aurelia with me this weekend, and especially in church this morning. I have wanted my friends to meet her for such a long time. They see the photos of all of my grand kids after I have been to their homes or they to mine, and they always comment on how cute they are. And when I tell them how good they are, I sometimes think they don't believe me. But after today, they do.


I Love Barbershop said...

I am so glad you had this wonderful time with Relia. She is truly a sweet and enjoyable little girl.

Pat said...

The pictures!!! Every one is adorable beyond words. She is sooo sweet.