Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Hot!

After 50 days of pretty nice weather, today the thermometer reached 90 degrees. I'm not a fan of hot weather. In fact, I have a very small comfort zone. Anywhere between 65 and 75, and I'm happy. So I am staying indoors as much as possible.

The big news around here this week is the PGA golf tournament going on in one of the suburbs not far from me. It's been interesting listening to the radio and news broadcasts. I've learned that Tiger Woods is surrounded by police and FBI agents. When asked: who pays for this? I learned that all of the security surrounding him is supplied by volunteers. These officers and agents consider it a privilege to guard him. I also learned that many of the top players rent local homes in which to stay, rather than lodge in a hotel. One of my co-workers reported that when he was at the tournament yesterday, a gentleman told him that Woods rented a house in the area for $58,000 for the week - part of the money to fix the swimming pool and part to install a new hot tub. One of my girlfriends said Sunday that her son and daughter-in-law rented their home this week for $15,000. She wasn't at liberty to tell us who the golfer was, but that he, his wife, and a cook would be moving in at noon on Sunday. One other tidbit I heard on the radio was that one home owner came back to his house to pick up something, and there in the garage was the golfer - sweeping it out after just finishing moving the lawn. His explanation: it makes me feel normal, and gives me a chance to think.

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