Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Back on 2008

It's time to throw away my calendar for 2008 and break out the new one. I decided before tossing the old, I would look back to see the events in which I took part and reflect on some of the high and otherwise memorable points.

  • Read the Bible through. I humbly report that I completed this goal as of this morning. Our church gives out a schedule each year for the chapters in the Bible to be read on each of the 365 days. In 2005 I decided if I'm considering myself a Christian, I should have at least read the Bible through once - - so I did it. I liked it so much that I have continued reading it through each year since. Starting tomorrow I will begin again, but this time I am going to be reading it from a new copy I received from our company this year. It is a study Bible translation (Understanding God's Word, Baker Publishing Group - 9781932587142). I'm excited about it, hoping to understand more.
  • Went on a mission trip with my church choir to Ukraine and Austria - May 4 - May 12. What an experience that was!
  • I followed the mission trip with a six day visit at Hans and Rachel's in Stuttgart, Germany. I loved this part of my vacation. It was the first time I have been able to be there for Josiah's birthday party - it was his 4th birthday. (Sorry, Annika. I'll try to be at one of your birthday parties real soon.)
  • Tutored Rosy at the One-by-One program. She is such a sweet girl.
  • Spent quality time with Hans and Heidi in September when they flew home to bid farewell to their one and only grandmother, Erna.
  • Said good-bye to three dear saints: My little friend, Cassie (Oh, how I miss her!); my dear mother-in-law; and a sweet neighbor from my childhood, Neola.
  • Worked on a "Grow the choir" committee for my church choir.
  • Toured Ft. Snelling for the first time. My darling grand-son is named after Colonel Josiah Snelling. The actors who play the part of Colonel Snelling and his wife, Abigail Hunt Snelling, were thrilled to hear that someone would actually name their child after him.
  • Went on the De For Family & Friends Cruise to Alaska in August. This was my first time cruising and I really enjoyed it. The best part for me was spending time with everyone.
  • I gave my faith story in Kiev, Ukraine, and again at my church during five services on Labor Day Weekend.
  • Got new windows in my home. Boy, they sure have made a difference in the COLD winter we are having.
  • Developed Plantar Fasciitis (yes, this continues to bother me. . .).
  • Spent a couple of fun days with Rachel, Josiah and Annika when they came home in November. Thanks to the automated carts, I was able to go to Target and the Mall of America with them. :-)
  • Welcomed my newest grand-child, Marshall Dean, into the world. I flew out to Seattle on November 21 and got to meet him for the first time. Congratulations to Heidi and Chad.
  • Sang in the Christmas concerts at Wooddale.
  • Celebrated Christmas with Heidi and Peder and their families, plus with Aunt Liz, my brother and sister, and my niece and her family.

I believe I have blogged about these things over the past year, but it has been interesting thinking about them once again.

What does 2009 have in store for me? Who knows, other than God. So I'll leave it in His hands. At the present time I have no trips planned, but hope to see both families who live so far away from me and spend more time with my family that is close by. Happy New Year!

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MamaD4 said...

It's very satisfying to look at the big picture at the end of the year and see all of the wonderful things that have happened, isn't it?

Good for you on reading the Bible. I still have the schedule that you gave me while in Newport. I'm through April I think, but I've been reading for two years!! It was my resolution last year and I didn't make it. I blame it on Leviticus.