Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'm Having a Very Nice Weekend

Heidi and Marshall are my house-guests this weekend and I'm sure enjoying their stay. Marshall is now seven and a half weeks old and is so sweet. We weighed him this morning and he weighs 12 pounds. There are times when he eats and eats, and other times when he sleeps a lot. He's got the cutest smile.

A couple of years ago I divided up my photos taken of my three kids over the years and decided they should have them. Hans and Peder were home for Christmas that year, so theirs were given to them. Last night Heidi looked through the pictures I had put aside for her. What a cutie! In some she was less than a year old. Others are from when she was a bit older. One was taken after she got her award at the Y Swim Team awards ceremony when she was in 3rd grade. Some were from her high school, and a few are from college days. I love the memories that surface when we look back. Heidi commented on my "funny" hair do in several of the photos. My old glasses brought a chuckle to me. It was a good time.

This afternoon Steve came by to pick up Heidi and Marshall to go to Peder's to watch the Viking's playoff game. I'm sure Marshall will be passed around a bit.

The time goes so fast when my kids come home. I love every minute they are here.

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MamaD4 said...

You had a nice 'do in Hans' pictures, circa 1971-ish. I think you were very stylish for the times!

I still think you have great hair ;)!