Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Old Man Winter has a Grip on Minnesota

Yesterday we had a full-fledged Minnesota blizzard. Hundreds of schools were closed and our One-by-One tutoring program for last night was cancelled. The highways were jammed with commuters. What to my surprise, leaving my office last night, I discovered some "Angel" completely brushed all of the snow from my car. How nice! My commute was pretty normal, thanks to the snow plows who passed by our streets moments before I drove on them. I got about 6" of snow at my home.

This morning we woke to temperatures well below zero, the windchill was reported to be minus 32. Our high is to be minus 5. But get this, tonight another Arctic blast is to drop down on us, bringing us 2 to 4 inches of new snow, and then then mercury is going to drop even lower. In December, we had weather that we usually get in January. This January is starting out to be colder and more severe than ever! My cousins Pat & Pudge and Aunt Liz, plus my friends, Jim and Lil, made an excellent decision to spend January in Arizona. They're basking in 70 degree weather! You can read Pat's blog here.

I know it sounds like I'm complaining, and for that, I'm sorry. We still have much for which to be thankful: warm homes, cars that run, plenty of food, many items of clothing in our closets. My prayers are with the dear people we met while in Ukraine who at this time have no gas, thanks to political reasons. They're suffering more than we can imagine. May God help them.


I Love Barbershop said...

Thanks for the reminder of how much we need to be thankful for having warm clothes, warm cars that start, heat in our homes and food on our tables.

Pat said...

Well I hate to rub it in but we could not have more perfect weather. 75 degrees and sun is shining so brightly that it blinds you. It was a good time to choose to be here in Arizona. We are enjoying it. Thinking about all of you at home.