Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another Precious Photo of Marshall

With winter here, Marshall is usually all bundled up. I took this opportunity to show off his cute little body. Heidi loved pretending to box with Marshall's little fists.
It's so quiet in my home now. Both Peppi and I miss them very much.

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C. Randy said...

Hey, it looks like you better take up Kick-Boxing grandma - for the next time you see this little fella... you're gonna need to be able to defend yourself! ;-) Cute.... Glad you had a good time with them, and that they made it through security without a hitch. No doubt it's a lotta work for parents (especially by themselves) to get, not only themselves through, but their babies through security too! (I'm guessing, hope that Heidi was able to go through an employee line, where they're not as picky... :) Yes, time flies when you're having fun.....and before ya know it, it's gone all too soon.