Friday, January 23, 2009


It never fails to impress me how nice people are when I am driving the automated carts in department or grocery stores. My foot is really improving with the custom-made orthotics I got nearly a couple of weeks ago, but since it is winter here in this frozen tundra and the streets and parking lots are really icy and sloppy in places, I faithfully wear my boots, in which my orthotics won't fit. Thus, when I have to shop, if the store has an automated cart, I use it (actually, they are really fun to drive, and they go "beep, beep" when in reverse!). Just today I did some grocery shopping during my lunch period. Everyone - customers and clerks - are so nice. "Can I get that for you?" "Do you need any help?" Plus, everyone smiles. It's amazing. It sure speaks well of the way the handicapped are treated around here - and hopefully, everywhere!

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