Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Why Does Time Have to Pass So Quickly?

One proud grandma.

Heidi and Marshall have come and gone. I don't understand why that time goes by so quickly. Just as last November, I got so attached to him. Today I am mourning holding him. He, and my other three grand children, are so precious. I sure wish I could see them more often.

While Marshall and Heidi were at my home, Marshall said his first words. I heard him say, "Ja" and "Hi." Honestly, it was so clear. Imagine a seven week old speaking so soon! It was so fun to hold him and sleep next to him. He makes the cutest sounds.
Last night my girlfriend, Nancy, helped me take Heidi to the airport since BUGGIE is way too small for all of the "stuff" these young families have to haul now-a-days. Heidi had a giant stroller on which the car seat attaches. Then she had a huge suitcase, a diaper bag, her purse, and of course, Marshall. (I saved the best for last!) It was particularly hard for me to watch her go through security where I could no longer assist her. For that she has to remove the car seat from the stroller; place the collapsed stroller on the conveyor belt; shove through the diaper bag; add a plastic (government provided) tray with her shoes and purse (she had already stuffed her leather jacket into her very packed suitcase); remove Marshall from the car seat and place the car seat on the conveyor belt; and finally she carries Marshall through the arch. All of this is by her lonesome! My heart ached for her. Nancy and I continued to watch. After she cleared the arch with no problem, she began gathering her things (all the while there are others following her), when I happened to notice one of the TSA’s come around the conveyor belt and take the stroller down and opened it up for her. I began clapping. Mind you, Heidi NEVER saw me do this. She would not have approved!! To my knowledge, she didn't hear me either because she didn't look back. I sure wish they would allow us to help our loved ones pass through security. Oh well.
Now my house is quiet, but there are pleasant memories all over the place.


Anonymous said...

someone told me once that you can get permission to have someone take you to the gate if you have a young infant. Not sure how, but perhaps next time it is worth a call to the airport?

MamaD4 said...

It's not easy getting through security with all that stuff, don't I know it? It's probably the most stressful few moments of flying trips for me.

Pat said...

I know you can get permission to go through security and to the gate. I have done it several times--once when Kari came home with the 2 little ones and once when Sarah was boarding the plane from California to Washington. I just asked the security. I am glad you got to have such a nice visit with Marshall &Y Heidi. I know time goes too fast and it only goes faster as we get older.