Monday, January 19, 2009

Aurelia's Date with Grandma

Little mama.
"Night, night," said little Aurelia.

Saturday evening I got to watch Aurelia while Peder and Sarah went to his company holiday party. I hadn't seen her since Christmas Day, so that in itself was a treat.

She is so good! She loves looking around at all of my plates, etc. on the walls. She was ready to get into my booster chair for dinner and sat patiently while I heated it. I gave her the small fork and spoon that all three of my kids used and she ate her peas, corn, macaronni and cheese and chicken tenders. Grandma spoon-fed her the chocolate pudding. With each bite, I would say, "mmm." And she would smile and respond, "mmm." She is such a quick learner.

We spent a little while in my cottage where she played with a doll and doll cradle. She is such a little mommy with the doll. She reached for something under a small table of mine, baby on her hip, and even though she couldn't reach the object she had noticed, she never once dropped the doll but treated her as though she were a live baby. It was fascinating to watch. After she went to bed, I discovered what it was she had been trying to reach -- the giraffe puppet who was stuffed into a basket. I wish I would have realized this while she was awake. We could have had fun playing with him. (Next time.)

If you don't have a grandchild, or grandchildren, you should get some. I would highly recommend it!

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