Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

My Christmas table.
Marshall with Grandma D.
Sweet Aurelia
What a good little Mama she is.
Sarah's surprised look when seeing the cradle.
Marshall barely fit in the cradle, but at least he can say he was in it.
What a sweetie.
Her babies will never go hungry!
My new Eskimo nativity. (See story below.)

Christmas Day has come and gone, but what a wonderful memory it leaves with me. I got to spend part of it with 2/3's of my adult kids, and 1/2 of my grand-children, plus I got to talk to Hans a couple of times from Rome. To read about Hans and Rachel's Christmas tour of Italy, check out Rachel's blog.

My kids came over in the late afternoon and first we had dinner, followed by opening the gifts. It was the most fun watching Aurelia, since she is now old enough to participate. I surprised her with an Amish made cradle. I knew she would like this for her dolls because she likes playing with my cradle. Just as much fun for me was seeing and holding Marshall again. What a sweetheart he is. I know when he looked into my eyes that he was saying, "I missed you, Grandma!"
One of my gifts came from Heidi and Chad. It is an Eskimo nativity scene. I had seen this in a shop while we were on the Alaskan cruise this summer. Heidi must have heard me exclaim how adorable I thought it was, so when we got back to the ship, she sent Chad back to the store to buy it for me. I just love it!
Christmas is a very special time of the year, and I am blessed to have spent the day with my family. It was a rich day!


MamaD4 said...

Heidi is the BEST gift giver, I swear. She always has her eyes and ears open when people talk. She must inherit it from you Donna, because you are a great gift giver, too! You ladies must teach me.

It looks like you had a great Christmas. I'm so thankful that both sides of my family posted pictures and stories so quickly so that we could see what Christmas was like back home!

DD4 said...

We missed you and your family at our table. Maybe next year!

Please keep posting about your adventures in Italy.

Oh, and I loved your gifts to me. In fact, I am wearing the Matryoshka doll pin today! It is so cute. And the beautiful embroidered linen is lovely. I think it will look nice on one of my tables. Thank you very much.

C. Randy said...

My goodness girl, what do you do in all your FREE time? Just kidding! - but I do hope you'll get to take a breather or two in January!

Yes, cute Eskimo Nativity display! :)

Merry Christmas!
Hava-restful/safe weekend, and rest of the year!

Anonymous said...

What a nice recap of your Christmas. The Nativity set really is cute and so unique. I love the pictures. Relia is really at the super cute stage.

For some reason it is not accepting my password to publish this comment. This happened earlier when I commented on Sarah's. So I will sign as anonymous but it is your cousin Pat.