Saturday, December 20, 2008

Driving Through a Minnesota Blizzard

Jim and Sandra
The delicious Yule Log

Well, today I went to Rochester and back with my Aunt Liz, Cousin Pat, Pat's friend, Gloria, and our family friend, Denny, who happens to be Aunt Liz's neighbor. We had all been on the Alaskan cruise together and had been invited to Sandra and Jim's open house. None of us wanted to miss it, even though we knew the weather was lousy.

My drive to Rosemount, our meeting place, was without incident, but it took me much longer than usual. It also took longer to get to Rochester. The snow was coming down heavily.

On the way down to Rochester, we saw between 25 and 30 cars in the ditch. One incident looked rather serious with a ambulance and highway patrol helping out. Denny did the driving, and he did a very good job.

We had a wonderful time at Sandra and Jim's home. They have impeccable taste and everything was perfect. The food was delicious and included in the buffet was a beautiful Yule Log and scrumptious Rosettes and Spritz. Their home is located on a beautiful acreage. They have huge, lovely pine trees that were heavily laden with snow. Bird after bird visited their feeder. I could have sat and watched out their windows for hours. After we had been there about an hour and a half, a sudden wind gale came up and tossed around the snow on those big pine trees. It was a powerful, amazing site - sort of like an avalanche. My Aunt Liz happened to be looking out at the same time. When she saw that action, she announced, "Okay, everyone get their coats on. We're going home!"

The drive home was a bit tense. The winds were really strong, blowing snow across the highway, causing drifting in the passing lane. When a plow passed us, it put us in a horrible white-out and Denny slowed the best he could, but after the snow cleared, we were actually driving on the shoulder. I'm so thankful we didn't go into the ditch.

It is now -8 degrees, with a windchill of 32 below zero. I'm safely tucked into my cozy cottage, and happy to be here.

We have a blizzard warning for tomorrow, with a high of zero. How fitting for the first day of winter. Oh boy, I can hardly wait! I've made the decision to stay home.


MamaD4 said...

I'm glad that you made it in one piece! I talked with Gen yesterday and she mentioned how nasty the weather was in Rochester. She said "It's like winter when we were growing up!". We have had a lot of rain in Stuttgart, which got rid of most of our snow.

I'm sure that Sandra and Jim were thankful for your presence.

Anonymous said...

You would think when you get older that you would know better than to go driving in a snow storm!!!It was scary at times but Denny did a great job driving--I wuold not have driven a mile in that weather.We are all thankful that we made it safely--All of us had our guardian angels on duty!! Sandra had a great spread & we all enjoyed it.Love Liz