Monday, December 29, 2008

Family After-Christmas Gathering

Zoe getting her reward for a trick "well done." Brian patiently watched.
Marshall taking his turn to use the family cradle. He is #16 on the list.
Peder, Aurelia on Aunt Liz's walker, and Aunt Liz.
Aurelia was fascinated with the musical circus train under Aunt Liz's tree.
She loves dollies and stuffed animals.
Great-Great Aunt Liz and Marshall.
The donning of the Christmas head gear. :-)
Marshall getting his Christmas dinner.
Heidi, Marshall, Bobby, Brian, Chad.
A while ago Heidi asked me if I could plan a family get-together for after Christmas so they could see the cousins, Aunts, and Uncle without driving all over Minnesota. Aunt Liz graciously agreed for me to host the event at her house. Dear Pat and Pudge couldn't be there due to leaving for Arizona to be in the sun for a month (who could blame them!), but before leaving, Pat prepared the dining room table with a lovely Christmas centerpiece. She also loaned us her Christmas head-gear, which was sported by us during our dinner.
It was so fun to be together with everyone again. We got to meet Lynn and Bobby's little puppy, Zoe. Zoe and Brian did some tricks for everyone. Aurelia thought it was lots of fun. She provided lots of entertainment for us. And of course, everyone wanted a turn to hold little Marshall.
Marshall got to take his turn in the family cradle. Aunt Liz has written down the names of all the babies who have shared this family piece. Marshall is #16. All three of my kids used it when they were little. I guess the only one in my immediate family who missed out on a turn was Annika, since she was living in Japan when she would have fit into it.
Christmas is now past, and in a few days we will say "good-bye" to 2008. This year has gone so fast!


I Love Barbershop said...

Thanks for all the work and organizing you did for our get together. It was a lot of fun.

Lynn said...

Yes, thank you Aunt Donna! We really enjoyed ourselves.

Pat said...

Oh Donna, everything looked like so much fun. I really wish I could have been there. The pictures and blog really help. How many people hate me for the headgear? or were they good sports about it? In my family when the head gear comes out there are always many groans but they are told no head gear - no eat. It is like putting a gun to their head but it works. I do have to say how really cute the grandchildren are. Relia in mom's walker--how adorable. Marshall looks like a good baby. I loved the picture in the cradle and am so glad that we are able to add his name. Believe it or not the pictures and hearing about it made me homesick and I have only been gone 2 days and I am really having a good time.

MamaD4 said...

We could still have Annika sit in the cradle at some point. I feel kind of bad that she didn't get on the list...oh well, maybe HER children will get to use it at some point (far, far away!).

Pat said...

This is a comment to Mama D4.

How neat that would be if Annika's children would be able to use it!!! Yes, that will be far, far away but that woulod make it even more incredible because of history being carried on. Kind of like Rome.