Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More Photos from Seattle

Littlest Angel

Here are a few more photos: Marshall fast asleep; the baby quilt I made for Marshall. Heidi and I chose the fabric in Skagway, Alaska, while on our cruise. Double click on the photos to enlarge them. I think the fabric with Papa and Mama bear are adorable. And if you look closely, there are three sets of feet sticking out of the tents: Papa, Mama and baby. I did my tying of the quilt by tying shut each tent. The reverse side is paw prints. The curtains were sewn by me on this last visit, as was the piece with pockets to attach to the end of the pack-n-play. The pockets are for diapers, change of clothes, wipes, and baby cream, or whatever else Heidi wants to put in them. Later it can be tied to the back of one of the seats in the car.

Finally, I'm sharing a photo I took of Mt. Rainier yesterday morning, just as the plane had flown through the cloud level. The sun was beginning to rise, and the view was amazing.


Anonymous said...

Love the quilt, curtains, and hanging bag. You did a great job.

Marshall looks so sweet and cute. It is great that you got to spend that time with him.

The picture of Ranier was awesome. Are you planning on staying home for awhile? We will have to plan on going to Sandra and Jim's on Dec. 20. Darcy & Gloria want to go also.


Heidi said...

I love that shot of Rainier. Very cool! We had a great time with you here too! Thanks for sewing and ALL your help!

C. Randy said...

Yes, nice pics Donna! Of course, of your new grandson but also that awesome shot of Mt. Rainier! Cool, very cool!

I too saw that very same 2 star-like pair and moon Monday and wondered what they were (either when I was finishing up a reeeal late night van driving or shoveling my driveway Tuesday morning). Thanks for sharing that they were Jupiter and Venus :)

And I'm glad too, that you not only blessed folks where'ere you went, but that you made it home safely ;-D)