Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Very Nice Reunion

Last night Hans and Rachel returned from their vacation in Bermuda. We kept the kids up so they could see them. What a nice reunion for all of them. My first reaction was noting how dark their skin had turned. They got lots of sun, maybe too much their last day, as the tops of their feet and shins were red. Ouch! They looked rested and were very glad to be back with their darling kids again.

They had such a good time in Bermuda, and we were able to keep up on their days by reading Rachel's blog, as well as the daily phone calls.

My sister and I had a really good time with the kids. I'll admit we were busy, but it was rewarding to me getting to know my grand children better. In a little while I'm going to walk a block away to attend the high mass at the neighborhood Anglican church. Then we are going to see a little bit of Newport and surrounding area before flying back tomorrow. I'll post pictures when I return home.

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