Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Monday in Newport

Yesterday was a full day for all of us. After breakfast, we ventured out with the double-wide stroller, which can be a trick as the sidewalks here vary from tiny cobblestone to brick and then common cement. It was the first time for Janet to see this area, and she was as impressed as I at the charming houses and beautiful landscape of these historic homes. A few we walked past are B & Bs.

A few blocks further we walked out the causeway to the Hilton Hotel because I noticed a large cruise ship that appeared to be docked next to it. Well, the closer we got, we could tell it was actually further away, but still intriguing. We walked as far as we dared with the kids and with the help of Janet's binoculars we could read the name on the ship "Maasdam." It was flying the flag of The Netherlands. Coming toward it was a small rigatta of sailboats, being watched by a smaller boat with two officials. They sailed to the ship, turned around, and headed back toward the beautiful toll bridge. The sailboats are the tiny white things seen at the base of the ship.

Later in the afternoon we spent some time out on the porch with the kids.
Annika and Josiah blew bubbles, rode their tricycles, and helped put American flags in the plants that hang from the sides of the railings. It looks very festive. Little Annika thinks it's fun to take the flags out and move them to other planters, so some of the planters had 6 or more flags in them. She's getting into the spirit of our nation's birthday. Speaking of which, at dinner Josiah commented on the centerpiece of American flags on the dining room table. He said they should be out in the planters with the others, but when I explained they were pretty on the table and were for our country's birthday, he broke out in song with "Happy Birthday to you." We all sang Happy Birthday to America. Both kids are so cute. We're really enjoying them.

Last night I read Rachel's notes on the tv and watched a previously recorded movie Shrek. Neither Janet or I had seen it, but thought it was cute. We managed to stay awake until 10 pm. Whew!

Today we hope to walk down town a little bit and then stop at the park for the kids to play. It's a beautiful day.

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I hope we get to see some pictures posted soon.

Love, Lynn