Saturday, July 14, 2007

Strawberry Crush Pop

A special treat for me is a bottle of cold soda pop in a glass bottle. As a kid, that's what we had. In fact, when we needed a little extra spending money, we would go around the neighborhood trying to find empty bottles to turn them in for the deposit money. I'm not sure my kids remember this, but when they were young, grocery stores carried cartons of 8 glass bottles, and they allowed you to mix the brands and flavors. I recall having to bring a grocery cart out to the car to bring in the cartons of empty bottles. I don't remember the going price per bottle.

This past week, my local grocer had a couple of grocery carts with discounted discontinued items. In it I found 2 bottles of Strawberry Crush soda pop. Well, I snapped those up right away, and today I treated myself to a bottle at lunchtime. It was delicious!

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