Thursday, July 05, 2007

July 4th

This was a quiet July 4th for me, but was very nice. Since my sister and I had ventured out with Annika and Josiah the previous days, we decided to take it a little easier and spend the day at home. I spent some one-on-one time with each of the darlings out on the front porch. The kids rode their little trikes and we swung on the porch swing. Each of them rearranged the small American flags in the planters. Hans and Rachel phoned from Bermuda. They've been enjoying exploring the island, touring forts, and doing a little shopping.

Rachel warned us that Annika didn't like the fireworks, so we knew we wouldn't try to take in that activity. Even if it had been an option, I don't think we would have tried because the weather wasn't cooperative. The early evening news reported many New England communities had postponed their fireworks to Saturday or Sunday night. However, Newport must have held theirs as we heard the explosions, plus the many boat/yacht horns, for about an hour or so, as the ocean bay is only a block and a half away from their home. We let Josiah stay up to watch the wonderful Macy's 4Th of July Celebration on TV. He loved the fireworks and told us about the ones they had seen last week during the Tall Ship Festival in Newport.

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