Monday, July 02, 2007

Day One of Vacation

Hi Everyone,

Janet and I arrived safely in Boston last night ~ actually about 20 minutes early. Rachel was waiting for us at baggage claim. And miracles of miracles, our luggage arrived with our plane! When I flew to Boston in April, my luggage went via Atlanta and didn't get delivered to Hans' home the next day at 5 pm. Luckily I didn't have a wedding to go as Aunt Ginny and Uncle Allan did last week when their luggage was delayed on their arrival to Minneapolis.

Hans and Rachel left about 5 am today to fly from Boston to Bermuda. I was a little worried about the kids' reaction to us when they awoke and realized their parents weren't home, but my worrying was not needed. Josiah had been told I was coming, and right away he called me from his tent in Annika's room to come to see him. [He's sleeping in Annika's room in order for me to use his bed. What a generous little boy. Thank you, Josiah.] When Janet got up and walked from the guest room down the hallway to the bathroom, Josiah commented, "Who was that?" I told him it was Aunt Janet, and from then on, that's what he has been calling her. I'm telling you, my grand kids are so S M A R T. :-)

It's a beautiful day here in Newport. Once we all get dressed we'll go for a walk so Janet can see what an extraordinary, quaint town this is. I'm sure I'll be writing more later.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Donna,

That is so cute that Josiah is calling my Mom "Aunt Janet." You sure have adorable Grandchildren.

Have a fun week!

Love, Lynn