Monday, July 23, 2007

Rochester Farmer's Market

Saturday morning I had the privilege of going to the Rochester farmer's market with my brother. This is a weekly excursion for him, so he knows several of the vendors, and they enjoy having him stop by. Each week he buys tomatoes from one, a loaf of bread from another, and cucumbers from two of them.

This is an excellent farmer's market because so many farmers come in from the surrounding area. One in particular has two of his children helping run the stand. They fill in the inventory as well as wait on the customers. Another is an Amish farmer, wife and two little kids. My brother always buys cucumbers from them.

There were baked goods, jams, vegetables, and flowers. The flowers were just lovely. I was tempted to buy a beautiful pot of begonias, but resisted. I couldn't resist the baked cinnamon rolls, however. I limited myself to one for my sister and one for me.

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