Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday in Newport

Closeup of Dogwood blooms in church yard

There is an Anglican church just a block from Hans and Rachel's home that has lovely bells that ring from 7 am to 10 pm. This morning on our walk, we walked past it and the front doors were open. You know me, I had to step in to see what it looked like inside. The stained glass windows are beautiful and though it was a bit dark inside (plus I had on my sun glasses), I could see the hanging lights were colonial looking, like lanterns. It is really lovely. As I approached the front of the sanctuary, a gentleman came from a room on the side. He was apparently the custodian - a very friendly chap. He said to feel free to look around, take pictures, even opened the door to the back of the big pipe organ to show me more pipes. He said the organ is presently out of order, so they have resorted to using the pump organ until funds are raised to repair the electric one. He went on to tell me that the church was built by a divorcee as part of her penance. She started it in a living room, and it continued to expand to its present size. It was dedicated in 1894. He said the doors are always open during the week so people can come in to look around or sit to pray. Out in the churchyard is the most beautiful dogwood tree I have ever seen. I took pictures and will post them when I get home. I may walk over on Sunday morning to attend one of the two masses.

Though the temperature today is a mere 75 degrees, it is quite humid, so we kept our walk short and came home to cool off. Oh, last night we heard fog horns most of the evening. It continues to be a bit foggy today. This sure is a lovely area. And, the kids are still being very good!!

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