Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

I know I say or think this every year: how did this year pass by so quickly?! What did I do? Where did I go? Who did I see?

In reviewing the year, these were the highlights:

  • January: I rented the barn at Bethany for a day early in the month as Hans and Rachel and their three kids were in Minnesota for a late Christmas. Peder and his family, and my brother and sister joined in the party, too, as well as Rachel's parents. One night Josiah and Annika stayed over at my place. It was really fun - they played outside in the snow for a time — each one wearing a pair of my boots.
  • March: I got to fly down to Arizona to Pat and Pudge's and enjoyed doing things with them as well as with some of the friends from my youth. It sure is a treat to get out of Minnesota during the winter!
  • April: In late April, I flew to Seattle and spent some time at Heidi and Chad's. It was really fun being with Marshall and them, as well as Brian. Heidi drove us up to Mount Vernon, which is north of Seattle, to see the tulip fields there. We also went to the zoo in Seattle.
  • June: Janet, Jerry, Pat and I drove to Indiana where we had a "mini-family reunion" with my Aunt Ginny and Uncle Allan and all four of their kids. It sure was fun seeing everyone and I'm so glad we went down there. Later in the month Rachel, Josiah, Annika, and William were in Minnesota and I drove down to St. James to see them for a day. We had a picnic out in the country and celebrated Rachel's birthday (a bit early). Hans was in school out East, so he couldn't be there.
  • July: Hans flew in for a few days and on the 4th, he and I took in a Minnesota Twins game. It was his first time to see our new baseball stadium. Also in this month, Peder and I visited a Jewish synagogue, plus I hosted the 2nd annual neighborhood picnic.
  • August: As happens every year, I turned another year older. This year I had 4 separate birthday parties. I feel very blessed with family and friends! Also during this month I learned Heidi and Chad are expecting a baby (a girl) in March of 2014!
  • September: Pat hosted a "Cousins Weekend." Linda drove up from Chicago and my sister came up from Rochester. We had a great time (per usual). Pudge even stayed around to join in the fun.
  • November: Heidi, Chad and Marshall flew home and we celebrated Marshall's 5th birthday over in Hudson at Chad's parents' home. We had fun one day at the Mall of America, too.
  • December: I flew to Japan with Steve where we witnessed our oldest, Hans, be promoted to Commanding Officer of one our countries' finest guided missile destroyers. What a proud moment that was! I'm so glad we got to do this. While there we took the train a few times to see some of the sights and shops in Japan. I enjoyed seeing some of the ways the Japanese celebrate Christmas, too. An added bonus was getting to have lunch with Heidi on our layover in Seattle en route to Japan. Once home, I was able to sing with the choir in 4 of our Christmas eve services at church, which is always special. And just this morning, I finished reading the Bible through for this year. I'm happy to have that as part of my daily living.
I wonder what 2014 will bring. Only time will tell. Happy New Year!

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