Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some miscellaneous photos of my trip

William, all bundled up!

Hans with Noko

Bakery in the lower level of a department store

I loved these lights in downtown Yokosuka!

This Cyclamen photo is for my office friend, Steve, who is a master grower of these plants.

These sweet ladies were having a knitting session in the yarn shop I like.

I bought the yarn for this vest and hat in the Yokosuka yarn shop when Annika was only 4 weeks old. Isn't she cute?!

The darling little train we took to Kamakura

A very fun surprise ~ we stumbled onto a German restaurant in Kamakura!

Glass collection inside the restaurant


Yes, they have Spam over there!

One night we ate in an Indian restaurant.

Hans and Rachel

Burger King delivers!

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Lindsey said...

Great job on the hat and sweater for Annika! Very cute!

It looks like you had a wonderful trip. How great that you and Steve were able to be there for Han's change of command. :)