Monday, December 16, 2013

A Special Christmas Service with Japanese Christians

On the Sunday evening of our stay in Japan, Hans, Josiah, Steve and I went to the Chapel of Hope on the base for a combined service with Japanese Christians from Yokosuka and those living on the base. I was so surprised to see the church packed, including 3 choirs on the platform — a large choir of Japanese, a small teen-age choir of Japanese, and the chapel choir. This is the 31st year that they have held such an event.

An advent candle was lit, a message was given by the Japanese pastor, with the translation in our bulletins, each choir sang anthems, and the congregation sang several Christmas carols. On the final verse of Silent Night, I listened to the Japanese singing around me – in their language. Talk about emotional! I thought it was absolutely beautiful!

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Pat said...

What a great thing to experience! Sounds incredible.