Saturday, December 28, 2013

Choir Women's Christmas Brunch

This morning I went to our Choir Women's Christmas Brunch which was held at Mary Lee's house. I was really looking forward to this for several reasons: seeing my choir friends, singing a few more Christmas carols with these lovely women, and going into this beautiful house that I used to walk past in the mid 90's when Heidi and I lived in the "backyard" of this home.

I took 45 - 50 photos so won't include all of them, but here are some of my favorite:

This colonial style house is gorgeous! That's Mary Lee at the front door.

L to R: Kris, Janet, Barb, Pat. These ladies brought the delicious coffee cakes. Yum!

Pam in this beautiful red room

L to R: Vicki, Christa "Peanut," Lorraine, Loreda, Debra, Mischelle, Louise, Lorraine, Lisa

L to R: Louise, Nancy, Judy

L to R: Mischelle, Sue, Lorraine, Christa

Our hostess, Mary Lee

L to R: Marney, Mona, Lorraine, Lisa, Debra

L to R: Louse, Pat, Joanne, yours truly

L to R: Judy, Katie, Barb, Loreda, Christa

L to R: Janet, Lorraine, Mary Lee

Seated: L to R: Loreda, Mischelle, Pam; standing L to R yours truly, Vicki, Judy, Joanne

Looking out the back window of Mary Lee's home and across the backyard, there's the roof to the south building on the complex where Heidi and I used to live. 

Our coats on one of the beds

Coats on the master bed

After eating and visiting in six separate areas of this beautiful home, we gathered in the living room for prayer and singing. What a wonderful time we had! 

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