Monday, January 06, 2014

Record Cold

This photo about sums it up. Yes, it is wickedly cold here in Minnesota, and has been for the past several days. On Friday the Governor officially closed all of the schools in our state for today, and I have just read that the Minneapolis schools will be closed again tomorrow. This below zero stuff is to last until Wednesday when our high is predicted to reach 4 degrees.

It's not just the below zero temperatures that are the problem. It's the added windchill. At the time I walked to my garage this morning, the wind chill was reported to be –55 degrees! That means bare skin can freeze in a matter of 5 minutes. Since I live so close to the office, I drove an extra 3 miles out of my way just to get my car warmed up a bit.

We're not alone in this. My dear cousins and Aunt Ginny and Uncle Allan in the Chicago and NW Indiana area are dealing with this, too, plus they have many, many inches of fresh snow. Thankfully it sounds like they are all hunkered down and safe inside their respective homes.

I'm really having a hard time with being envious of my cousins Pat and Pudge who are enjoying the lovely temperatures in Arizona right now. According to the Internet, the temperature high for today will be 69 degrees—that's ABOVE zero!

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Pat said...

And I do feel somewhat guilty about my family and friends suffering back there in that brutal cold. Yet I am thankful that I am basking in the sun and 70 degrees. We are very glad that we have decided that Minnesota winter is for young people. Take care and stay warm.