Saturday, January 18, 2014

Felix Play Date

Over a week ago I made a date to have Felix play at my house today. Wouldn't you know it? We got about 5 new inches of snow overnight. Knowing it would probably be awhile before our snow removal service would show up, I got dressed for the outdoors and began shoveling because I didn't want Peder or Sarah to get stuck in our parking lot. It took me about 45 minutes to shovel all of the sidewalk out to my garage and my entire driveway.

After this labor, I was tired—and hungry. While eating some toast with a cup of hot chocolate, I noticed snow coming off the top of the next door building. What in the world? Has the wind come up, or what? Checking closer, I discovered there were men on top of the building, shoveling off the snow. I have never seen this at my home before.

Aurelia and Peder coming up the walk

Aurelia and Leo

Felix taking his turn on the Amish stool

These days Aurelia is into posing.

After the family left, Felix had fun playing with some of my toys.

I believe he had a good time here!


-Peder said...

He had a great time and wants to do it again! Thanks Mom!

Pat said...

Lucky you!! Looks like fun--except the snow shoveling. You did a good job cleaning the walk.