Sunday, January 26, 2014

Old Man Winter Continues to Be a Pest!

Notice the depth of snow in my backyard. If you look closely, you can see Nels' footprints.

Today I stayed home from church and watched the service online. The weather stinks! We're having a ground blizzard – new snow last night and strong winds today. Right now it is 3 degrees above zero, with a wind chill of minus 14 and dropping. Predictions for later tonight and tomorrow are anywhere between 20 - 25 below zero, with a possible wind chill of minus 50. Some schools have already been closed for tomorrow, including Rochester and Austin. The Minneapolis announcement will come no later than 6 pm today.

Tomorrow my sister leaves for Arizona for a three week stay. Lucky her!

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Pat said...

Wish you were here also. I am really thinking about all of you and the brutal winter you are all enduring. It really has been ugly.