Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Trip to the Minnesota Zoo

Today I got to go to the Minnesota Zoo with Sarah and Aurelia. I don't think I've been there since 1978, when Heidi was in a stroller! Hans said he and I went there - probably while he was in college - but I don't remember it. I tried to see something - anything - familiar today, and came up with nothing.

It was fun seeing Aurelia's reaction to the animals. She was adorable as she would point to them, say their name, and perhaps tell us what sound they make.

My favorite animals are the giraffes. I think they are beautiful, graceful, gentle animals. When I found out they had a couple on loan at the zoo this summer, and that one could buy a couple of biscuits to hand feed them, I was sure I wanted to go. This would be one of the items on my "bucket list." They sell 2 biscuits for $5. They are actually Rykrisp crackers. So if you plan to go to the zoo this summer and want to feed the giraffes, you might consider bringing your own biscuits.
Sarah took a video of me and Aurelia feeding "Sweetie." Sweetie chowed down the biscuits in seconds. Then the handler fed him some leaves. We were instructed not to touch the giraffe because they are very shy and would take off if touched. We did get really close. It was a thrill. If interested, you can see the video Sarah took here.

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Pat said...

Their tongues look enormous. You & Relia do not appear intimidated at all by the big giraffe. It does look like fun. What a neat day that must have been.