Saturday, June 20, 2009


Days are busy, busy, with work and recreation. But whenever possible, I use early Saturday mornings as a kind of retreat. After breakfast, during which I read my Bible and have my devotions, I try to have a quiet time - a chance to reflect on the past week, think and pray for each of my family members and friends, and enjoy my home - both inside and out.

This morning was the perfect morning to sit on my patio. My flowers are blooming profusely, the grass and shrubs with drops of water on them from the morning dew and possibly the lawn sprinklers. The sun screened by the leaves on my trees. While quietly sitting there, I watched a father robin hop from place to place, pulling at least three worms from the ground and gobbling them up. I heard various bird songs, including Peppi, who was singing in my dining room. Suddenly I spotted a humming bird in one of the trees close by. They are adorable little birds. I watched him move from branch to branch - hovering like a tiny helicopter. But then, to my surprise, a tiny wren landed not two feet from my feet, under a bush. He then proceeded to hop onto my patio, right up to the screen door, and then hopped right past my feet - not 12 inches away! I sat very still, and I'm not sure he realized just how close he was! He quickly flew away. I love this quiet time.

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Pat said...

Just think--all this joy and entertainment and it didn't cost you a cent. The simple things are the best--at least I think so.