Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tonado Hits Austin

This morning I woke up to the news that Austin had been hit by a tornado last night. The report was that damage was mostly in the north - northwest part of town. When I thought some folks I know would be awake this morning, I called down there to get their report. Steve's phone was busy, busy, so I tried David. He answered and gave me the following news:

Austin lost power around 8 pm yesterday and it was returned around 4:30 am today. David's daughter, Amy, and her family spent the night at his home since it is on rural power and wasn't affected. There are some large trees down in the Oakwood cemetery (where our folks are buried). There is some damage to Culver's. The most damage appears to be out at Todd Park. A building was leveled. One man was injured. Witnesses playing ball at the park saw the funnel. Many trees are down.

After talking to David, I got a hold of Steve on his cell phone. He was walking to the hospital to have his blood checked (a continuing process due to a blood clot he had in his leg some weeks ago). He said he had no damage at his home, but his phone is dead and his cable service is out. The TV station in Austin is also down. He tried to read by candle light last night, but got weary from that.

Peder added a video that was taken last night. It's incredible that no one was seriously hurt. You can see the video here.

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