Sunday, February 03, 2008

10 Minute Weekend

Backyard scene at Whiskey River
Wild turkeys at their feeders

At our table at Whiskey River

The 4 of us shared this dessert. Honest!

Gayle, YT, Laurey

Nancy, Laurey, Gayle

Nancy, YT, Gayle in the chapel.

I comment on this nearly every Monday - - Why does it seem the weekend passes by in ten minutes? It seems we leave the office at 5 on Friday, and bloooooop! it's 8 on Monday! This has been such a weekend.

Here are the details:

Friday night I rested, recovering from the flu bug that bit me on Wednesday and held on through Thursday. It felt good to get to bed early.

Saturday morning I cleaned the house and then went with friends down to St. Peter to eat at Whiskey River where we watched many birds, wild turkeys, and squirrels at the feeders. My friends had never been there before. They enjoyed it a lot. After lots of visiting and eating, we left to drive through the campus of Gustavus Adolphus, where Gayle is an alumnus. She took us through one of the student buildings and the beautiful chapel. I have been going to St. Peter all my life (my mom and dad were married there and my brother and sister were born there), but had never been up to the campus. And I do mean up. The campus sits high above the town. I was very impressed.

We couldn't leave St. Peter without going into two of my favorite stores: Kontur (a Scandinavian store) and Contents (home interior/gift items). We enjoyed looking around and managed to buy a few things.

Coming back to the cities, we stopped in Jordon and had some tea and dessert at a darling restaurant in Jordon, The Feedmill. This little restaurant also had ambiance, sitting high above a creek, large windows to our side allowing us to look down into the valley. We had a really nice day.

This morning I sang in the choir at two church services, had a quick lunch and met a friend at a movie theater where we watched Juno. It is a much talked about movie, capable of winning some of the upcoming Academy Awards. Did I like it? Yes. I thought it was very well done. Did I cry? Yes. It has tender moments.

The Super Bowl game is on TV right now. I'm glancing at it once in awhile; mostly watching the commercials. I'm rooting for the Giants. Why? I don't want to see Randy Moss win. It's that simple.

Soon it will be bed-time, and my ten minute weekend will be history.

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