Thursday, February 28, 2008

9 Weeks to Go

Nine weeks from now I should be putting the final things into my bags in preparation of the mission trip my choir is making to Ukraine and Austria. Last Saturday we had our first meeting; got our packets of concert music; sang through each selection once; heard great tips on what to pack and what our hotel rooms will look like from a seasoned traveler to Ukraine; and helped decide what the women's concert dress should be. We have 54 going over - 46 voices. I love all of the music our director has chosen for our program.

I've never gone on a missions trip before, but have to say I am pumped! I have heard that the people of Ukraine are so hungry for Christian music. One choir that went over there last year sang to a packed church, with 250 additional people standing outside in the pouring rain just to hear some of the melodies.

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