Thursday, February 21, 2008

When Will This Bleak, Glacial Weather Break?

It seems we've had more than our share of frigid weather this winter. It's hard to recall a day that began above zero. Each night the weather person tells us, "We should be near the end of this arctic front." But she is wrong. Again this morning we are below zero. It's past wearing on me. I reached that point on Tuesday. It was then that I decided I craved the smell of fresh flowers. So during my lunch break, I headed out to Costco where I proceeded to put my nose into nearly every bouquet of flowers available. These creamy-colored roses did the trick. They smelled "heavenly."

I made the purchase, covered them as well as I could, dashed to my car, and brought them back to my office. What a lift they have given me.

Funny thing with having flowers at one's desk . . . I can't tell you how many people have asked me, "Who gave you the flowers?" My response, "God did. He creates beautiful things, doesn't He?" I'm not the type that would have flowers only if they were given to me.

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I Love Barbershop said...

The flowers look gorgeous, and I think you deserve them.