Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Harvest Party

I'm not sure who started this, but this year, in our part of the country, one has to be politically correct in calling October 31 "harvest festival." What on earth?! It has been Halloween all my life, so this will not be an easy change for me. At any rate, last night was our Harvest Party at One-By-One. Everyone was asked to come in costume. My little Rosy (center, in pink) came as a pop singer. She was very shy and wasn't sure she wanted her picture taken. There was a costume parade, treats, and a magician. The kids had lots of fun!

All the kids (and most of the tutors) were adorable. Pictured here are: Photo 1: ?, Rosy, and Pati; Photo 2: Eric and Pati. These children are brother and sister and I and Mary, my rider, take them home every Monday night at the conclusion of our tutoring; Photo 3: Eric, Pati, Rosy, me (I'm a pumpkin, in case you couldn't figure it out.); Photo 4: Marabel and Dave (Sherlock Holmes), my co-worker; Photo 5: Jo (problem with static cling), another co-worker and dear friend; Photo 6: Julie (dear friend, flight attendant who upgraded me to first class on my last flight to Seattle) and Pati, the little one she tutors; Photo 7: Natasha, co chairperson of the program and another co-worker of mine; Photo 8: Dana (co-worker of mine - a doctor), giving a shot to Dave.

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Natasha said...

Great pics! The "question mark" in the top photo is Jennifer.