Monday, October 22, 2007

Up North - Day 2

Since we stayed up until 2 am on Saturday, my first night of sleep was rather short - I awoke shortly after daybreak. I think I was the first to arise. I crept out to the front porch to look out at the lake. It wasn't long until I saw a goose fly over the bay, so close to the water. This was my first glimpse of the area, since it was dark when we had arrived the evening before. Across the lake the sun was glowing on the tops of the autumn colored trees. What a beautiful sight.

One at a time my friends began to get up and soon we were all sitting around in the living room, gabbing. A fire was lighted in the fireplace; it was all so cozy.

Barb has a real knack for decorating. Everywhere I looked, there were fun displays she had created. One thing I discovered about Barb is her fondness of dishes - - many sets of them. If you know me at all, you know my motto is: "You can never have too many dishes!" She used a different pattern at each meal.

Once we had had our brunch, we set out for the stores. Shop, shop, and shop some more. We drove home in the mid afternoon to have some snacks. Pat put together a charming fall centerpiece on one of the tables on the deck. Then it was back for more shopping. I know we added to the economy in Nisswa this weekend!
For dinner, Gayle and I bought a couple of ready to bake pizzas at a local pizzeria and she put together a delicious pumpkin pie cake recipe with homemade whipped cream. It was delicious!

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