Thursday, October 18, 2007

Webs Are Growing Between My Toes!

While drying off my feet after my shower this morning, I discovered little webs forming between my toes! This is been such a rainy month. They say we have had two days this month without rain, and the forecast for tomorrow is: MORE RAIN. My co-workers are discovering huge toad stools in their yards.

We are definitely out of the draught we had in July. I imagine the water level in Lake Superior is gaining as well. I heard it was down 18" this summer from the past couple of dry years in northern Minnesota.


MamaD4 said...

Well, so long as you don't grow a beak and pinfeathers, I think you're OK.

C. Randy said...

You're funny... 'webs forming between your toes'. But yeah, that's one way of putting it (I just haven't 'fessed-up that I started wearing a wet suit for underwear, just in case!). Yeah, we're gettin' the rain here, that's fer shurrrr...

I hope you have - er, had, a good (& drier!) weekend up nortd this weekend ;-D) Take care, stay / be safe.