Sunday, October 07, 2007

Surprise Birthday Party

Laurey, Brodie
Nora, Bonnie, Nancy

Last night I hosted a surprise birthday party for my friend, Nancy. Her birthday was actually a few weeks ago, but since she was away then, it went by unnoticed. My friend, Laurey, said she would be happy to help me, so we planned a nice dinner party for six.

Not every surprise party turns out as planned, but this one did. Nancy had no idea this dinner was for her. She was the last one to arrive as she had been at her lake home in northern Minnesota and had gotten back to the twin cities only a half hour before our dinner. We sat around with appetizers for a little while, and then moved to the dining room for dinner. At dessert time, I pulled out the decorated birthday cake - with Nancy's name on it - and put it on the center of the table and started the rendition of Happy Birthday. She was so taken aback. But she became speechless when we put gifts at her place setting. She's a very polished, organized, talented, generous woman who appreciated the "fuss" we made over her. I say, it was no fuss - just lots of fun. Happy Birthday, Nancy!

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C. Randy said...

I'm glad all your efforts paid off-- that this party was a success, that Nancy was surprised! Way to go Donna!

(but I'm sorry to hear you've picked up symptoms of a cold - yikes, that's a bummer, but you'll be back up in no time, I'm sure!)