Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tragic News / Major Minneapolis Bridge Collapsed Tonight

It's been a sad night as I have watched news coverage of the collapsed bridge in downtown Minneapolis. At this writing, 6 people have died; many are being treated in area hospitals; divers are attempting to recover bodies from cars that fell off the bridge. This is a bridge that my kids and I have driven over thousands of times. It's about 6 blocks from where Hans and I went to college. Peder and Hans used to live only a few blocks from the area. Sarah crosses it often.

I heard from my Aunt Ginny moments ago. Here is part of her message: "Diane just phoned us and said Jill just crossed the bridge 15 minutes before it collapsed. She works for the Minneapolis Star Tribune (local news paper) and crosses the bridge twice every work day." Diane is my cousin in Pennsylvania and Jill is one of her daughters. I'm so thankful you are okay, Jill. I am praying for those who weren't so fortunate.

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