Thursday, August 23, 2007


Tonight I got my first look at Aurelia and got to hold her for a little while. She is just beautiful! Her skin is soft and creamy and she has light brown hair, little rose bud lips, dark blue eyes. I heard her coo, sneeze, and cry a little (the crying was when the nurse was changing her dirty diaper). Sarah looked like she had had a full night's sleep - amazing! She is so contented, feeding and holding Aurelia. Peder looks so sweet when he holds her. They both have fallen in love with her.

I'm sure it was the same way with Rachel and Hans when Josiah and Annika were born. I didn't get to see those little angels hours after they were born, so until today, I didn't realize what I had missed. I know I loved all three of them right from the start. Grand children are a perfect gift from God. I sure love mine. Thank You, Lord.

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carrster said...

Congratulations Grandma!! She's so beautiful.