Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fun with My Family

I had a great time today with my Aunt Liz and Cousin Pat. It started with Pat's announcement of her new car. It is adorable! After admiring it, Aunt Liz gave us a little tour of Willernie. She and Pat plan to share this vehicle.
Next we went to the Swedish Museum in Scandia, the
Gammelgården Museum. Oh, we've been there before, but never tire of it -- probably because we are 1/8th Swedish. One of the paintings there depicts life, from beginning to end. I show it here. (To see the details, double click on the photo.)

After seeing the museum, we headed to Stillwater to have lunch. Coming into town, we saw what we thought was the Minnesota Zephyr (a dinner train), but lo and behold, it was
Thomas the Tank Engine. Yes, he and Sir Topham Hatt were in Stillwater for the day and I immediately thought of Josiah. No, we didn't stop to see him, but went on down the main street where we shopped in a few stores, including a German store, Kathe Wohlfahrt, then went to eat lunch. We sure had a good time. I love times with my family.

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