Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rain, Glorious Rain

We have been in a severe drought. They say we are 4 1/2" short of what we should have had this summer. Very early this morning, around 3:20 am, a loud clap of thunder awoke me. I sat up in bed, looking over at my alarm clock to see if the power had gone off. I still had power. The rain, lighting and thunder continued for at least 20 minutes. It may have lasted longer, but I fell back to sleep. In the morning, reports on the radio spoke of 70 mile an hour winds; damage at the Minnesota State Fair grounds and trees downed at Como Park. I looked out my window to see one small branch down and a decorative metal rack on my neighbor's patio over-turned.

Tonight it rained again. It was a beautiful, steady, non-violent rain. I hadn't heard the sound of a nice rain for a long time, so I went out onto my covered patio and sat for awhile, just relishing in the sight and sound of it. I kept thinking about what a blessing it was - for farmers, home owners, and nature. The Robins will be so happy again!

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