Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good News

If you have been following the blog of Kyle, my co-worker, you will already know that the adoption of little Jhenya (his American name will be Cory) was finalized last week and Kyle and Jhenya flew back to the USA on Saturday. Due to recent changes in the adoption laws, the minute Cory stepped down on US soil, he became a US citizen. I think that is so neat!

Today they stopped by our office so Kyle could take care of a few things and I got to meet Cory. He is very sweet, knows a few English words, but is trying hard to learn names and words. He came into my cubicle and loved looking at my fish. When I told him the fish's name is Cleo, he responded, "Cleo," and then spoke lots of Russian. I just smiled at him. Then I showed him my rubber stamps, and just like Josiah has done in the past, he immediately began stamping the sheet of paper I gave him. It's so much fun to see how simple things give kids pleasure.

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