Thursday, September 07, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Every now and then I have problems adding photos to my blog. Either my computer has a mind of its own, or I am missing some steps. At any rate, I have tried to add a few photos from my trip to Illinois this past weekend, but have not been successful. So, I am going to give it another try in this entry. The photos are of:
  • Our old parsonage on Mississippi Street (lived here when Peder was born)
  • Union School (Hans: Kindergarten - 2nd grade)
  • The Nascar track area - only 1/2 mile from our new parsonage on Laraway Road
  • Doris, yours truly, Florine
  • Flying close to downtown Chicago
  • Beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan


-Peder said...

Thanks for the pictures, Mom.

homer111 said...

Our house on Mississippi looks better than it did when we lived there. The school looks pretty good, too. Just how I remembered the outside. Doris, too.

Yes, thanks for the pictures, Mom.